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Lavorazione dei cesti in legnoThe Sorrentine peninsula has been for centuries characterized by its lands, their cultivation, the kinds of settlements and the social-cultural attitude of its inhabitants.  On account of this it attracts the visitor, impressed by its original setting. 

Even today the nature of the ground, an alternating of tufa and limestone rocks, has created a type of soil particularly suitable for arboretum cultivations.

The agriculture of this green land, with a multitude of vineyards and olive groves, displays a prevalence of citrus fruit (orange and above all lemon groves) which awards the landscape that particular colour typical of the oranges and lemons and thus forming a fascinating counterpoint with the silver green of the olives.

These grounds have also given life to some traditions handed down through generations. Among these, one of the most important is, undoubtedly, an old recipe from which you obtain a liqueur called Limoncello; an absolute natural product acquired by the infusion of lemon skin in pure alcohol, employing lemons cultivated and harvested in this area.

Another recipe handed down through the years is that of the Nocino, rosolio prepared with the exquisite walnuts of Sorrento to taste after a good meal. Between the Saint's day of St. John and St. Paul, precisely in the period from 2nd to 24th June - when the moon is favourable to this operation, protective measures are taken, since the walnuts are still enclosed in their husks.

Noce di Sorrento - prodotti tipici - SorrentoThe Sorrentine peninsula has always been rich in spring-waters, an endowment which has allowed the vegetation to burst out in full bloom and give a pleasant coolness in some area. Healthy water, good climate, excellent fodder and healthy cows have renewed the whole area also for its dairy products, among which the most important is the Treccia (pleated cottage cheese). Fresh milk cheese and swilled paste made with a natural fermentation, prolonged overnight to exalt the aroma and the taste of milk itself.


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